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Os ki boondo ne jagaya
May 16, 2006, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Khushi ka mahoul, Poetry

सुबह सुबह आम का पत्ता
ओस मे डोल रहा था,
मानो बचपन के रंगरलियों के बीच
आम को लटकता देख मन झूम रहा हो,
मानो लम्बे दिन के बाद स्कूल का घन्टा बजा हो…
तो उसी ओस मे डोल्ती,
बूंदों मे टपकती…

[to be continued…]
English transliteration:

subah subah Am kA pattA
os me Dol rahA thA,
mAno bachapan ke rMgaraliyoM ke bIc
Am ko laTakatA dekh man JUm rahA ho,
mAno lambe din ke bAd skUl kA ghanTA bajA ho…
to usI os me DoltI,
bUMdoM me TapakatI

This poem was inspired by a charming young lady I found in Orkut, while browsing for beautiful women. Since then, however, I have fallen out of love with her. As a consequence, I am afraid, this poem to her must remain incomplete.


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