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Copyright Notice

Pygmalion, posted at (as of April 2006) in the form of a personal blog, is a creative website. It purports to host creative writing by its author, including but not limited to, poetry – in any language, prose or other forms of creative, critical or analytical/imaginative/original content.

Please be sure that:

1)Unless otherwise mentioned, all works displayed in Pygmalion, are exclusively copyrighted to the author.

2)You may copy any part of this website with full acknowledgement and giving full context. You may not use such part in a way that brings derogation to the author or the website, although you reserve full rights for honest criticism.

3)That all reproduction is for non-profit/critical/informative purpose only. You are absolutely forbidden, unless otherwise allowed, to make money from creative or critical works displayed on this website.

Since this is an open website where anyone can add his comments, please be sure that:

1)Your comments are for pubic view and anyone may see it.

2)Anyone may comment on your comment.

3)The author reserves full rights to modify or even delete your comments.

4)That you do not reserve any copyright over what you write in a public forum. In case you make any substantive creation, the author will allow you full copyright over such creation.


In this Copyright Notice, every reference to author refers to Priyatu Mandal.

Your usage of this website is circumscribed by your agreeing to the terms mentioned in this Copyright Notice. This notice may change any time, and ignorance of changed terms is no defence against non-compliance.


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