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How to write a comment

This poetry site is in the form of a blog, and hence is much more of an open forum than the bookshelf poetry anthology. The magic and beauty of poetry is that many of us can associate with the thoughts expressed or feelings generated by a poem. Our empathy generates identification with the poem – and we find ourselves moving with the daffodils, like Wordsworth, or galloping on a handsome steed in the killing fields of Troy. That’s the magic of poetry. So, if you feel charmed, if you fantasize yourself in the poetry displayed here, join in. Let us all share your glory, your desire, your celebration. We want to know what you think.

Please feel free to use the comment feature available with every post. But while commenting, please try to keep in mind the following:

1)Please provide us your name and email. Otherwise there is no way we can know who you are, and there is not way I could get back to you with my response. Or others for the matter.

2)Please start your comment in proper context. If you are talking of a poem, name it. If you are referring to an external source, please quote it. Remember, not everyone knows or feels what you are, and need to be spoon-fed a little.

3)Use this open forum to generate sound appreciation or debate. Please do not spam, or your comments would be deleted. Please do not provide a running commentary on any passage – you could write to me at if you are in mood for that. Spare the website the indignities of flame.

4)If you think you can extend a poem, or write a new one, please mail me, or write something in the comment field below any post. I shall open a new “Submitted” section and reproduce your poem there with full acknowledgement.

5)Please follow proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. Use Caps where necessary. Use “quotes” where required. Give source where you quote.

6)Above all, feel free. It’s your site.


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